“Unreleased Collection”

Unreleased Collection

It’s been a while. Sorry for the slight hiatus. We are back now, and we have so much planned for you. Over the past while we’ve been working quietly on a project called the “Unreleased Collection”. Sadat and I wanted to make clothing that was missing from our closets, things we couldn’t find in stores, and things we imagined when we discussed style and fashion. We ended up creating more than a line, this project took a life of its own. Instead of releasing it right away, we thought we’d continue experimenting and finding new inspiration and ways that would bring the pieces to life. Personally, I have embarked on a journey travelling through the states, and I wanted to fill my suitcase with pieces that I personally created. Sadat was tired of shopping in stores with styles similar to everything in the streets. Our project is unending, meaning we will both continue making original pieces, with no specific release for a line. That being said, we want to offer our clothing for sale, and during small timeframes we will drop exclusive pieces both online and at Natale (Retail store in Vancouver) for purchase. We also want to share the vision of outfits we had imagined, so every week we will release pictures of different pieces with styles that we envisioned. We hope that you enjoy the content, and are excited for what lies ahead in 2017.



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