Cream Flannel Shirt

One of Sadat and I’s favorite pieces from the “Unreleased Collection” is the cream-colored flannel shirt. This shirt stands out with it’s off-white colored pigmentation, and the hints of red, green, yellow and black that complete the color way. It is classy, yet edgy as it is deconstructed around the armholes and the bottom of the shirt’s hem. Along the left side of the chest you will find a subtle cream colored X which is embroidered onto the cotton. Styling this shirt is quite easy, as its color way is flexible enough to get along with many other palettes. Personally, I see this shirt paired best with different shades of brown. After experimenting with different outfits, I found the color brown is the best at bringing out the cream color of the shirt. This will make your whole fit very seamless and natural. An all black outfit underneath the shirt is also another great choice, it brings out the red pigmentation of the shirt and makes the piece pop. Overall, I look at this piece as wearable throughout the whole year, with whatever unique style that you have. You can rock it with a shirt or hoodie underneath in fall, spring, and winter, or simply by itself in the summer. It is also a great choice for layering due to its longer than usual length. On a last note, we took artists like Kurt Cobain and others as inspiration for creating this piece.

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