Criss Cros Hoodie 2.0

This hoodie is an updated version of our previous piece called the Criss Cross Hoodie. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this hoodie, it’s a classic 95/5 Cotton/Polyester pullover with a modification at the bottom. The sides of the hoodie are split, with a thread running through both sides and tying at the bottom, also allowing for adjustability. What’s different about this version is the method that the holes are made on the sides. Previously, classic buttonholes were made allowing the synthetic leather to run through the hoodie diagonally. We found that the leather wasn’t running smoothly enough through the holes; as such, we replaced the holes and punched eyelets through the cotton instead to allow for easier adjustability of the thread. Additionally, we switched the synthetic leather for heavy-duty cotton laces. Aesthetically this gave the hoodie a more pleasant look in our opinion, but you can always personalize the hoodie to your own likening, and run different materials through the holes. The hoodie comes in two new colors, one being olive green the other black. The olive green color way includes an off-white X embroidery across the left side of the chest, and a matching cream thread for the sides. The other color way is black throughout, with the embroidered X and black thread being subtle, yet standing out due to their slightly brighter shade. This is a great piece for layering, as your shirt underneath will be apparent from both the sides and the front and back of the hoodie. This was definitely one of ours and other’s favorite pieces from the SS16 collection, and we hope that you enjoy the updated twist that we’ve given it.


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