Red & Black Flannel Shirt

This is a spin on one of the most classic pieces found in anyone’s closet. The red and black flannel shirt is a simple yet essential piece for day-to-day outfits. Similar to our crème flannel shirt, this piece includes a subtle black embroidered X across the left side of the chest. The shirt is rounded at the bottom, with deconstruction around the armholes and the bottom of the shirt’s hem. Rather than your classic flannel shirt, it has an edgy vibe that goes nicely when worn over a hoodie or long sleeve, or worn solely during warmer times of the year. Depending on your outfit and how you want to style this piece, an all black or white attire goes very nicely underneath this shirt. If looking to be a little classier, it can be worn with khakis and black shoes/shirt. Overall, the piece is longer than your normal shirt, with the sides roundly split. This gives the shirt a refreshing look, and a great opportunity to be layered if you want to wear outerwear on top. Red has recently become one of my favorite colors to rock, so this piece really allows me to complete a range of different outfits that I have in mind.

Have a great start to your spring,

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