Green & Red Flannel Shirt

This is the last color way of the collard plaid shirts that we designed for tor this collection. It’s mainly covered with different shades of green and red, with streams of yellow running throughout the piece. Similar to the previous plaid shirts, it has an embroidered X on the left side of the chest. The particular X on this piece is white in color. Recently I wore this shirt with bright colored ripped jean shorts at the Coachella arts and music festival, and happened to get a lot of compliments on it. As many of you may know, the festival is in the middle of the desert with scorching hot temperatures during the day. This shirt fits slightly bigger than usual, so it kept me as cool as possible during the day, and warm enough at night. It pairs nicely with anything black, white, or even denim ranging from lighter to darker shades of blue and dark green. Whether worn solely or with clothing underneath, the color way of this shirt is bound to make your outfit stand out in public.


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