Black & Blue Flannel Shirt

Black & Blue Flannel

This shirt is similar yet different to all the other flannel pieces from our collection. The main difference comes from the collar, which is rounded in this shirt as opposed to collard. Apart from the main difference, the shirt is similar in its curved finish at the bottom, and distressed sleeves. It includes a silver embroidered X on the left side of the chest, with steel buttons running all the way to the bottom. Its color way can be easily matched with different outfits, ranging from excellent paring with denim, and anything black or white. Personally I see it worn better either solely or with a T-shirt underneath, as opposed to worn with something thicker like a hoodie or sweater. It is a one of a kind piece since it is the only color way with this design. Perfect for spring, summer, and fall, that’s if it isn’t too rainy and/or cold.


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