Bleached Tee

The bleached tee is a staple piece for your closet all year around. It is a loose fitting shirt made of polyester giving it extra flexibility and breathing room. It’s perfect for layering with other pieces, or worn solely as it stands out with its vibrant colors. It comes in two tones, one being different shades of blue and white, the other different shades of grey and cream. Each color way includes a matching embroidered X on the left side of the chest. The T-shirt itself isn’t bleached, but the patterns on it give it a bleached look. It’s extremely soft and breathable, perfect for hot temperatures. The two tones can be styled with almost any fit. I would personally recommend the blue color way to be styled with anything made of denim or white, and the grey color way with anything black or dark. I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the little hiatus.


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